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Our Hours

MON Noon - 8pm
TUE 10am - 8pm
WED 10am - 8pm
THU 10am - 8pm
FRI 10am - 9pm
SAT 10am - 9pm
SUN 10am - 9pm
Hours are subject to change.

Group Outings

Are you looking for somewhere new and exciting to take your daycare or summer camp?

We’ve got just the right place Monkey Island is an 80,000 square-foot indoor inflatable playground in Melrose Park. It’s a place where kids can run and jump and play to their hearts’ content.

Here at Monkey Island we have a 3 story climbing structure, indoor soccer field, basketball court an arcade section and plenty of bouncy houses!

We would like to offer your group the opportunity to enjoy Monkey Island during the week with a special package we put together for kids organizations just like yours!

  • Available Mondays-Fridays!

  • Up to three hours of playtime!

  • Plenty of water to keep your kids hydrated!

  • $6.00 per child and $2.00 per adult if you bring your own sack lunches!

  • $8.00 per child and $4.00 per adult if you would like us to provide pizza and juice/soda!

  • TAX ID# required in order to qualify for group rates.

  • Minimum of 20 children!

  • Reservation also required!

  • All participants MUST have SIGNED waivers!

  • Socks REQUIRED!

  • Staff Members/Counselors must supervise children at all times.

  • Valid Credit Card required if you would like Monkey Island to provide your group with lunch!

Grab the phone and let us know when you’d like to come and Monkey around!